• Clean Beauty

    SEASONLY: A Clean Beauty Review

    Clean Beauty is mainstream, and it has been for a while. At what cost would you attain the perfect version of your skin? Or, as TikTokers and millennials love to put it: glass skin?  The past few years have seen an enormous boom in the…

  • Best Perfumes for Women

    Best perfumes for women in 2023

    There are thousands of perfumes, but before we round up the best perfumes for women, let’s ask some curious questions. How many perfumes should a woman own? How many is too much? Is there anything as too many perfumes?  I have asked this question and…

  • Tummy control swimsuit

    17 best tummy control swimsuits 2023

    Hello from this side of France. Today we’re talking tummy control swimsuits. Beach days are some of the most exciting activities in warm spring and summer. Yet some of that excitement can wither away with anxiety if you’re body conscious. We love and celebrate all…

  • ribbed midi dress

    4 Stylish ways to wear a ribbed midi dress

    Ribbed midi dresses have been trendy in recent years, so I’m guessing every fashionable girl owns one in her wardrobe. From the everyday streets of big cities to fashion runways, right down to the Instagram timelines of our favorite fashion influencers, ribbed midi dresses do…

  • Spring Beauty Essentials

    10 Spring Beauty Essentials

    Looking to stock up on beauty and self-care products in preparation for the spring season, we’ve got you covered with these 15 spring beauty essentials. This is probably so cliché, but spring is my favorite season for many reasons other than the apparent longer daylight.…

  • Loulou toy bag

    Yves Saint Laurent Loulou Toy bag review

    Yves Saint Laurent Loulou toy bag is one of the most coveted and sold bags from the Loulou collection. Being one of the world’s most coveted luxury brands out there and also one of my favorites, the French luxury house has been around since the…

  • Collioure

    5 great reasons to visit Collioure, France

    I love to travel and explore new places, so living in the south of France gave me the golden opportunity to visit southern cities and explore their riches. France has so many beautiful cities and villages, and while most are adorned with natural marvels and…