15 Best Little Black Dresses for stylish women

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Little Black Dress

The little black dress is one of the most important pieces for any fashionable wardrobe. On one side, a dress is a very feminine piece of clothing and on the other, the color black embodies simplicity yet mystery and class. It’s little wonder these two together make a powerful fashion statement

The simplicity of the color black makes it also elegant, but it hasn’t always been this way. Black has come a long way from being the color worn in mourning and dark times, to a symbol of class, sophistication, prestige, and simplicity. It is simple elegance.

In character, in manner, in style, in all things the supreme excellence is simplicity

-Henry Wadsworth

The term LBD was coined by Madame Chanel herself in honor of her most reputable creations, and because the LBD is such a simple yet elegant fashion staple, it can be a bummer trying to pick a fitting and event-appropriate LBD.

We will be rounding up 15 different types of Little Black Dresses that flatter and are suitable for stylish women.

Here are 15 Little black Dresses to inspire your next choice.

Sequin black dress: Sequin black cocktail dresses are the ultimate party dresses.

Sequin Little Black Dress

They’re perfect for amping things up. Don’t hesitate to stand out in glitters and exaggerated forms.

Maxi long dress: Maxi dresses are long dresses that flow down below the ankles, suitable for both formal and informal outings.

Maxi black dress

They are flattering, very comfortable and very versatile. They’re also very easy to style.

Slit Little Black Dress: I honestly hope every woman reading this owns at least one slit dress in her wardrobe. Slits are in, slits will always be in.

Little Black Dress

They are eye-grabbing, they’re skin teasing, they are the ultimate sexy style and slit LBDs are a must-have. They are suitable for informal outings such as parties and night outs.

Mini LBD: Mini dresses are a great way to capture attention.

Mini Little Black Dress

They are a great choice for an informal setting and suited for ladies who love to show off their legs and draw emphasis to their shoes. They are simple yet sexy.

A-line LBD: the A-line dress has an “A” form.

A-Line Little Black dress

it is fitted on the upper part of the body and progressively widens down to the hem.

An A-line LBD is ideal for a casual situation and is simple to dress up or down. This look works best on most body types and gives a feminine touch.

Wrap Little Black Dress: One side of the wrap dress overlaps the other and it is tied together to create a flayed look.

Wrap Little Black Dress

The wrap LBD is ideal for all body types and is very flattering as it helps accentuate an hourglass figure.  It is a great dress for both formal and informal events and is highly versatile.

One-shoulder Little Black Dress: the one-shoulder dress style has been around for ages.

One shoulder Little lack Dress

This style looks great on everybody and especially those with broad shoulders. Put your hair in a pony and flaunt those shoulders.

Strapless or tube Little Black Dress:

Strapless/Tube Little Black Dress
Strapless/Tube Little Black Dress

A strapless LBD as the name implies is a sleeveless dress that sits just above the breasts and clings to the body. They show off the shoulders and help draw attention to neck accessories.

Long-sleeved LBD: Even fashion lovers love a warm protective outfit.

Long sleeved Little Black Dress

A long-sleeved LBD is your best option for that winter day or night outing. They are not only versatile and multifunctional, but I also think long-sleeved LBDs are incredibly sexy and classy.

Slip dress:  a slip LBD is a very girly dress.

Slip Little Black Dress

This dress is often satin with a v-neckline with spaghetti straps.  Slip dresses can be worn with a jacket or blazer in the fall and winter, or simply styled with heels and a purse in the summer.

Pleated LBD: Pleated dresses use pleats to achieve the same form as A-line and flayed dresses.

Pleated little black dress

This dress is very feminine and can be worn to casual and informal outings.

Sundress LBD: Sundresses are delicate, airy, and feminine; they look their finest in lighter textile and flowing styles.


Yes, sundresses can be black and worn in the summer.

Bell-sleeved LBD: This type of LBD makes the sleeves the focal point.

Bell sleeved little black dress

They’re elegant and suitable for weddings, dinners, and other informal outings.

High-waisted LBD: it’s no secret that anything high-waisted is flattering to the body, and high-waisted dresses are no different.

High waist little black dress

These types of dresses have a tummy-tucking effect as well as a slimming effect. They’re simple yet chic.

Shirt LBD: a shirt dress as the name implies is a longer version of a shirt; with buttons and a collar, it is a loose-fitting dress that can be styled for both formal and informal outings.

Shirt little black dress

I love to add a belt to a shirt dress to put more accent to the waist.



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