15 Cute Summer nails to try in 2022

Cute summer nail colors

Spring is finally here which means summer is around the corner.

 I could’ve sworn it took forever.

This spring feels like a special return to normalcy as masks are off and smiles are back.

here in france the days are longer and the colors are back on the streets.

In the fashion department, the outfits are lighter and our favorite instagram influencers have upped their color game.

This also means we’ll be needing some colorful inspirations for that nail appointment.

I was looking around for inspiration for cute summer nails and found a ton of them, here are my best picks

Here are 15 cute summer nails to try this year

1). Lavender Lilac nails

Lavender Lilac naills

© Kristina Paukshtite on Pexels

2). Neon green nails

Neon green nail design

3). Yellow nails

Yellow nails

© Samia Liamani on Unsplash

4). Zebra Print nails

Zebra Print nails

© cottonbro on Pexels

5). Light Pink nails

Light pink nails

6). Lemon Tree nails

Lemon tree inspiration nails

© Roman Titov on Pexels

7). Pastel colored nails

Pastel colored nails

© Michelle Leman from Pexels

8). Almond French tips

almond french tip nails

© @yourstrulyaya

9). Rainbow nails

rainbow nails

© Analia Baggiano on Unsplash

10). Pink nails

Pink design nails


11). Green nails

Green nails

© Christina Chauskin on Unsplash

12). Rainbow tips nails

Rainbow tips nails

© Calugar Ana Maria on Unsplash

13). Grey and green nails

grey and green nails

14). Nude nails

Nude nails

© Chelson Tamares on Unsplash

15). Pink and gold nails

Pink and gold nails

© Samia Liamani on Unsplash

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