17 best tummy control swimsuits 2023

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Tummy control swimsuit

Hello from this side of France. Today we’re talking tummy control swimsuits.

Beach days are some of the most exciting activities in warm spring and summer. Yet some of that excitement can wither away with anxiety if you’re body conscious.

We love and celebrate all body types and shapes, but sometimes, and for some reason, a girl might need a little help with self-confidence in order to enjoy beach days fully.

Enter tummy control swimsuit.

What does a tummy-control swimsuit do?

Tummy control swimsuits are those swimsuits that are designed to help disguise and or reduce the perceived imperfections in the tummy area. They are not meant to transform the body like spandex or corsets. They are designed to achieve the desired effect while leaving enough room for comfort. You can’t swim if you can’t breathe.


So this summer, if you’re in need of some tummy control beachwear because you’re planning a trip to the south of France, or the Italian riviera, or just the local city beach, we’ve got you covered.

Here are 17 tummy control swimsuits

17. Navy blue ruched halter neck swimsuit:

This halter neck design is one of the best tummy control one-piece swimsuits. Its ruched design provides an excellent covering for any tummy bulge. It also has perfect covering around the bust area.

It comes in different colors and gives you extra control with the adjustable halter neck.

16. Spring print halter neck swimsuit:

With its flowery spring colors, this retro-style spring-printed monokini is perfect for your sunny beach outing. The fabric is soft and flattering on the body silhouette.

The halter tie design can be styled in two ways; your classic v-neck halter and a keyhole style halter neck.

This design also has an excellent covering for side boobs.

15. High-cut pink swimsuit:

This u-neck spaghetti strap-style monokini comes in a modern design, and the hot pink color is perfect for your spring or summer day outing.

It has drawstrings on the sides that give you great control for the ruched effect.

The straps are adjustable and reveal an open back.


14. Black cut-out one piece:

This sexy cut-out one-piece swimsuit comes with some extra control in the form of a front tie. This makes it perfect for ladies with a fuller boob area.

It doesn’t hurt that it shows off a little skin.

13. V-neck one-piece swimsuit:

This v-neck and backless swimsuit give the correct dose of flesh and some covering at the tummy area.

The deep v-neck also means more attention is drawn to the upper body part, while the ruched lower detail is an excellent covering for the middle area.

12. Ruffle neck one piece:

This ruffled v-neck one-piece swimsuit draws all attention to the bust area.

It is slightly ruched on the sides, which means some tummy area control. The adjustable straps on the back are a perk if you’re looking for more control.

11. Sexy cut one piece:

The sexy cut on this monokini gives no room for boring. Black is an excellent color for hiding imperfections, and Its adjustable straps and removable cups are also a selling point.

10. Underwire molded miracle swimsuit:

This miracle swimsuit does precisely what it is named to do. It holds the tummy in place and offers some sexy at the back.

The underwire cup offers some bust support, and the miratex fabric smoothens imperfections and slims out the body.

9. Checked bust swimsuit:

The checked print on this one piece makes it stands out. This monokini comes with removable pads and crossed straps at the back.

The ruched design offers some refuge for the tummy area, and the elastic nature of the fabric worksites wonders in flattening the tummy.

8. One-shoulder swimsuit:

This one-shoulder tankini comes in a modern design with features that flatters the body, like the ruched midsection and padded bra.

The backless design and single strap are flattering details, while the stretchy fabric offers the perfect tummy control.

7. Lace-up one-piece swimsuit:

I’m a lover of ribbed clothing and the wonders it does to the body.

This one-piece tummy control swimsuit has removable cups and a lace-up design that gives complete control over the v-neck depth and boobs area.

6. One shoulder ruffle monokini:

One-shoulder monokinis are usually a hit, and this one isn’t any different.

This asymmetric ruffle one-shoulder tummy control swimsuit is made out of a mix of spandex and nylon, both made for a flattering silhouette.

5. Belted one piece:

This deep v-neck belted swimsuit is guaranteed to get you compliments. It has a good dose of sexy to go with some classy.

Everything about the design is made for a flattering fit. I especially love the belt that holds the tummy and the adjustable straps that leave the back bare.

4. Orange plunge one piece:

This brightly colored one-piece beauty is made of soft elastic fabric.

The halter neck can be tied in two ways; keyhole style and a v-neck, giving you liberty.

The ruched midsection does enough to flatter the body and hide imperfections. The padded bra provides boob support and is removable.

3. Flounce one piece:

If you’re looking for a complete covering for the tummy area, this is the best tummy control one piece swimsuit.

The layered ruffles and the stretchy fabric are flattering on the body.

2. Green v neck one piece swimsuit

Made out of polyester and spandex, this sexy v-neck monokini helps control the tummy while adding sexy see-through details.

I especially love its simple design with thick straps that cross at the back.

1. High neck tummy control swimsuit:

Our number on the list for tummy control is a mix of push-up bras, see-through fabric, a high neck design, and a ruched midsection.

The deep plunge at the back and hook closure are chic. This swimsuit hides imperfections while remaining stylish.



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