6 Best Red Lipsticks for that French girl look

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Best Red Lipstick

Today we’re rounding up the best red lipsticks for that chic look.

There are few makeup products with the power of instant transformation a red lipstick has. This makeup classic has been around for decades and continues to remain a versatile and timeless staple for every make-up lover.

More recently, this rouge à lèvre as the French call it has become synonymous with the French aesthetic. French women have been credited with effortlessly looking stylish for decades and an indisputable part of their sultry appeal has been the signature red lips.
A well-applied red lipstick can evoke power, sophistication, and sex appeal.

Red lipsticks go with everything and look good on every skin tone, this is because they’re a lot of different shades of reds to match different skin tones. I think the key to finding the best red lipstick shade is to try several.

There’s a shade of red for every woman -Audrey Hepburn

We’ll be rounding up the most converted and best red lipsticks every woman should own for that sophisticated and flattering look. So if you’re looking for the perfect red lipstick, you’re welcome.


6). Givenchy:

Givenchy Le Rouge deep Velvet: First things first, huge points to Givenchy beauty for the packaging. The velvet red case has a luxurious feel to it. But if the case does nothing to impress you, the texture should do it. Givenchy’s velvet rouge has an oily and moisturizing finish. it is smooth and beautifully pigmented, and bold. NO. 36 L’interdit and 37 Rouge Grainé are a close tie.

I have tried Givenchy once only before and I am sold by this formulation of lipstick! it is a breath if you love good red lipstick, this is a must-buy!


Lancome’s L’Absolut Rouge in shade 118 is not a newbie, it has been around since the 30s and is still a must-have for every makeup bag. As with luxury beauty products, the packaging is crazy cute. Its metallic case has the Lancome rose on it and opens with a click.

I love the mix of black and gold on the outside makes it classy and luxurious. This red lipstick has an orange tone and hydrating texture that leaves a shiny look and bright red glow. It helps that it smells great too.
You might be needing a few retouches after that lunch date as it doesn’t resist.

4).Mac Cosmetics:

MAC’s Retro Matte Ruby Woo by is one of my favorite red lipsticks ever.

I’m probably on my 6th purchase of this product. Mac cosmetics outdid themselves with the best-selling Ruby Woo. This lipstick is a beautiful blue-toned red that stays on for 6 hours. I love that it never bleeds and has an intense deep look. As with matte lipsticks, it may leave your lips feeling a little dry.

3). Yves saint laurent:

Rouge Pur Couture : Saint Laurent is gradually becoming one of my favorite luxury beauty brands, i’m so in love with their Libre perfume and recommend it for every woman.

Recently I have fallen for their range of lipsticks. The 1966 Rouge libre color has been an absolute favorite for me. Their packaging is masterful and this lipstick isn’t any different. The case has the classic Ysl logo on it and the lipstick itself has the logo on it. This Rouge libre is a bright red shade that has a satin finish to it. The moisturizing formula protects, comforts, and has a lasting effect.
I have never had any issues with it smearing or feathering.

2). Chanel:

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet : I understand the hesitation with luxury beauty brands but Chanel beauty needs no introduction and their products have stood the test of time.

This Allure Velvet is not even as pricey as i had thought and it is worth every penny. This lipstick has a warm-toned red color that suits every skin tone. it stays on for hours and has a moisturizing satin finish. I have not had any issue with smearing and it doesn’t settle into lip lines. I’ll be trying other shades.

1). 999 by Dior:

999 by Dior: 999 is the ultimate special occasion red lipstick. Invented by Christian Dior himself, this iconic 999 by Dior shade has been a favorite of many celebrities over the years. it is modern, chic, and luxurious.

Its success also stems from the fact that the case is as beautiful as the lip color. it also comes in 4 couture finishes; Satin, Matte, Metallic, and Velvet finishes. This looks great on every single skin tone. It is one of those luxury lipsticks every beauty-loving girl should own. Our number one lipstick is also refillable.

So did I leave out your favorite red lipstick? Please share in the comments your favorites and help it make our updated list.



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