All Black outfit: Faux leather

All Black Outfit

The Christmas decorations have gradually disappeared from the streets, and everyone Is going hard at those new year resolutions.

 It’s also supposed to be full-blown January winter but today in France it feels like early spring.

 I don’t know if that’s a good thing since you’d want winter to feel like winter because then summer would feel like summer, right?  Also because the weather influences our fashion choices.

Well, the sun is up, the temperature is well above your average winter degrees, and my winter coat is not leaving the wardrobe today.

All Black Outfit

Instead, I chose to wear an all black outfit.

A complete faux leather look consisting of a blazer worn over a sleeveless top and skinny pants to keep me just warm enough to run all my non-professional errands and look fashionable while at it.

All Black outfit

The blazer is a straight cut vintage gift from the husband and the skinny leather pants are from Mango.

I accessorized with black stilettos ankle boots from Zara, black oversized sunglasses from Gucci and a crossbody bag from Yves Saint Laurent.

All black Outfit

 I used to be very wary of an all-black outfit for no intelligent reason other than the fact it represented grief in African cultures.

Well, I’m currently in black outfit heaven, my wardrobe is made up of a lot of blacks. I think it’s classy, chic and elegant.

All Black outfit of the day

Monochromatic style with darker colors are never not in season and faux leather is advised in cooler temperatures so I didn’t think I missed on this one .

et tu?

Do you like an all-black outfit?

Would you wear faux leather in the winter?

Tell me what you think in the comments.

Yours truly,



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