Best Skincare for dry skin-a 5 Step routine

Everything your dry skin needs for winter in 5 steps

Dry skin care

Hello from the south side of France.

When it’s not raining these days, it’s foggy, with very few sunny days. This makes it very difficult to ignore the coming winter.

While we’re still deep into fall and it won’t be winter before mid-December, I find that with every passing day, I get winter anxiety. Even though i have mixed feelings about the fall, apart from the fact that it announces the end of summer, it comes with the darkest and shortest days.

But there are also many reasons I love fall. I love the colors that it inspires, and the sound of dry leaves under my shoes as I walk. i absolutely love how my make up sits pretty in the fall. I also love that it inspires layering, and prepares for the slaying that comes with winter fashion.

An important reason and motivation for updating your skincare routine is the change of seasons and the climate that comes with them. For instance, in the summer our skin is exposed to very hot temperatures and burning sun on our skin, very humid air, and air conditioning inside. These are in contrast to the climate that accompanies fall: lots of wind, chilly temperatures and some rainy days, lower humidity, and more indoor heating.

So if you’re like me, fall is when you go skincare crazy. Fall happens to be the best season for manifesting self-love through skin care apart from the fact that fact I find myself indoors early enough to get cozy, fall is a great time to take your skincare serious for some reasons:

To undo the summer damage: we spend a lot of time outdoors and under the sun that we sometimes do not evaluate the damage done to our skin. Fall gives the perfect opportunity to get a skincare reset and undo the summer damage.

To curb the drop in humidity: Fall comes with a drop in humidity which means less fuzzy hair but also less hydrated skin.

To protect against the coming dryness: Winter is coming. Put on radiators or any type of in-house heating, or hot showers, and there’s your recipe for dry skin disaster. If you have dry skin like mine, you might even experience some itching and facial breakouts.

Luckily, there are plenty of skincare products for sensitive or dry skin that I have tried, so you don’t have to. Here are my 5-skin care must-haves for this winter.

1). A Moisturizing cleanser:

Hydrating facial cleanser

Cleansers are the very first step in my daily skincare routine. Because they prepare our skin for the products that follow so they tend to leave the skin dry. please try to avoid foaming cleansers because they leave the skin very dry. Getting a moisturizing cleanser is getting the first step right.
I use the CeraVe moisturizing cleanser.

2). Facial toner with Glycolic acid.


The second step to a great skincare routine could be a Toner. Toners should come after cleansing because not only do they finish the cleansing jon, they also help with skin appearance .

Many brands propose different facial toners adapted for different skin types. because i have dry skin, i found that toners with Glycolic acid is best adapted for my skin type. It exfoliates the skin, hydrates and improves skin tone for a more youthful appearance.

I use the Glycolic acid from the Ordinary.

3). A hydrating serum.

Hyaluronic acid

Dry skin types generally lack hydration and sometimes oil, and my skin lacks both so I like to use serums that contain ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin like glycerin, sorbitol, and hyaluronic acid. if you have my type of skin, these may be adaptable for your skin too.

These types of serums work to attract and retain water in the skin.

My favorite at the moment is Hyaluronic acid from The Ordinary

4). A moisturizing cream.

Hydrating cream

If i get a dollar for every time i heard a skincare expert say hydration is key for a glowing skin, i’ll be a rich girl. It is important to lock in these products with a moisturizing cream while avoiding grease.

I have tried several hydrating creams and settled for Cerave’s hydrating cream its light, moisturizes, and is perfect for l dry skin.

5) Sunscreen.

Roche Posay invincible sunscreen

SPFs aka Sun protection factors are the holy grail finish for every skincare routine. I wish someone had told me to use sunscreen earlier. One mistake people of color make is assuming we do not need sunscreen. You can imagine my shock when a dermatologist told me I needed one. My skin drastically improved since I added sunscreen to my beauty routine. If you have dry and sensitive skin, use a lightweight sunscreen and use it religiously, yes even at night.
I use “La Roche-Posay”‘s lightweight and invincible SPF50

Extra Tip:

Lip balm: Moisturize your lips every day, every night and at every chance you get.

Retinol: i have heard the magic retinol does for skin appearance. Well, i havent had a great experience with it even though i started with a 0.2% retinol.I use it with moderation and sometimes i actually skip it.

If you have sensitive skin like mine, chances are you’ve had some irritation and redness after retinol use. Use Retinol in moderation if you have dry skin.



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