Welcome to my first blog post, and Happy New year 2022

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year and Welcome to my first blog post

I have been putting this off since forever but today I finally wrote this post and hit publish. Talk about starting the new year right, right? or maybe it’s the dutch courage that comes in a tall glass of champagne.

anyways, cheers to new beginnings.


2021 was a heck of a year and most of us thought things would go differently, with covid, travel restrictions, and general anxiety, but hey we’re here and we’re alive, so here’s to a better 2022.

I hope this new year motivates you to finally get off your bum and do that thing you’ve been putting off like me.

First blog post

I have always wanted to start a blog for many reasons but the most important being that I love to write and it has always been my preferred type of documentation.

The Internet is full of blogs and one might argue that starting one in 2022 is a waste of time. Well, that is simply not true for the sole fact that every other blogger is different.

It doesn’t matter how many blogs exist on the internet or how much certain topics are saturated, as long it is written by a different writer, with a different perspective, it is original and will resonate with someone.

Every voice is different, and unique and will therefore resonate with someone.

I hope that someone is you!

This blog will feature mostly fashion topics, ranging from product reviews, fashion finds and outfit inspirations.

While I do not consider myself a fashion expert, I think my personal style will speak to a certain group of women who want to be stylish and classy without emptying their pockets.

You’ll also be seeing a mixture of travel and lifestyle topics as I document my life while offering candid analysis.

As a new blogger, I am very far from perfect so I ask you to indulge and kindly engage the comment section as I’ll need to hear your suggestions and/or critique about my posts.

To read more about me, go here

 You can connect with me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Thank you for your time and engagement.

Once again, Happy new year, and may the new year bring you personal and professional growth.

Yours Truly,




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