How I get 1 million Pinterest views monthly

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Pinterest views

I finally hit 1 million views on Pinterest, and I’m here to tell you how I did it.

Getting to 1 million Pinterest views seemed impossible six months ago. I started actively blogging early in 2022, took a lazy break by the summer, and resumed a few months later. I was doing around 200k views by September of 2022.

This number grew by four times in 2 months. By November 2022, I had hit 1 million Pinterest views.

What does Pinterest monthly views mean?

Monthly viewers refer to the number of times your pins showed up on the viewer’s device within the last 30-day period. it simply gives you an idea of how well your pins are doing.

This was a long-term goal, and I didn’t think I could achieve it in my first year of blogging; I do not consider myself tech-savvy.

I’m a novice.

My joy was immeasurable when I hit 1 million Pinterest views per month.

Why are Pinterest views important?

Some bloggers write about monthly Pinterest views being nothing to get excited or depressed about. Well, I’m here to tell you they are.

Let me tell you how

Pinterest views can mean more blog traffic.

Pinterest is a search engine. You’re spending time and resources creating and pinning because you hope to get some audience and drive traffic to whatever your business is.

Not everyone who views your pins will click to read the linked post, but I don’t think it’s a coincidence that with my interest views going up, my blog traffic has also increased from very few monthly visitors to almost 20,000; this was my goal this year, and I’m so glad I have accomplished it.

This is a big deal because I have as few as 15 blog posts and 250 Pinterest followers. Most of my blog traffic comes from Pinterest, and my mailing list is increasing.

So yeah, more Pinterest views equal more blog traffic. Work on that Pinterest-ing schedule.

For sponsored posts.

If you’re a blogger who hopes to earn money through sponsored posts, the number of Pinterest views you get matters. Since my Pinterest views started blowing up, brands have contacted me about sponsored content and asked me to create pins for their account.

it means you’re doing something right. There are a lot of creators who have been on Pinterest for years and haven’t hit the 1 million views mark.

My social media following on other networks are very low. I have under 500 Twitter followers and less than 1k Instagram followers. My Facebook boasts of miserable 15-page likes. Yet I can drive 20,000 people to my blog monthly thanks to Pinterest.

Lately, there’s been a surge in micro-influencer advertisements and sponsorships. Brands are not looking for content creators with hundreds of thousands of followers, so having traffic to your site to back up your media kit can be a huge plus.

Affiliate sales

Affiliate marketing is an arrangement where an online seller pays a commission to a website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals. Pinterest allows affiliate linking on their platform, and you can now earn a commission by adding affiliate links to your pins.

This is a welcome development for people who want to make via affiliate without owning a website. Also, this is a win for anyone who creates and sells via affiliate links or for creators signed onto programs that pay per click.

So how did I get here?

So how many monthly views is good on Pinterest?

I’ll say it depends on several things.

For instance, if you’re looking to be a Pinterest Virtual assistant, you may have difficulty convincing a potential future client to work with you when you have less than 1 million Pinterest views.

if you’re a lifestyle blogger just starting, not so much.

So How did I get my Pinterest Views to skyrocket?

Pinterest Views
September 2022
Pinterest views
November 2022

I created a business account. As soon as I started a blog, I knew I had to create a Pinterest business account and claim my website. it’s free and easy to create.

As content creators, a business account is very important in order to track analytics and keep up with trends and demands.

Business accounts allow you to create all types of pins and be competitive. Personal accounts only let you create static and idea pins.

For me, starting a blog and getting a business account were interwoven. When you start a blog, you’ll get to create pins to drive readers to your blog and vice versa. This was the ultimate motivation to take Pinterest seriously.

Consistently creating blog post content will give your Pinterest account a lot of activity simply because you’ll be making Pins for those posts.

I Optimized my profile: Optimizing your Pinterest profile is very important. First of all, you’ll need to have a business account, then you’ll need to make clear your blog niche and what your pins are about.

You’ll also need to claim your website and present yourself as an authority in your field. Or at least it seems like you know what you’re doing.

Remember to add relevant keywords related to your niche on your profile. if you write about travel or beauty, make it known.

In the “about” field, you can write up to 500 characters. You have more liberty to write about your blog or business. Make sure to start with the most relevant keywords here.

I have seen remarkable growth with my Pinterest since I optimized my profile and added my blog URL to my profile.

I created relevant boards: Boards are collections of individual Pins with the same topic. Pinterest boards help organize and group ideas under a particular topic together. For instance, a Travel writer will have boards named “Budget travel” and “Beautiful destinations,” while a beauty blogger will have boards named Cat eye makeup, fall makeup, etc., you get the gist.

I noticed my pins under the most accurate boards get the most traffic. For instance, 2 of my most successful Pins are of a fashion accessory review posted under a fashion accessory board, and the other is of perfume posted under a perfume board; it is as simple as that.

 I have more beautiful pins that performed poorly, with low views, and it’s likely because the board isn’t narrowed down enough for Pinterest. So, create accurate boards that reflect your posts or products and let the algorithm do the rest, your pins will show more up easily in searches, and Pinterest views will go up.

Pinterest views

I Manually scheduled pins: This is a controversial subject so hear me out.

 There are numerous applications and tools to make blogging more straightforward and productive because they usually facilitate our job.

 However, when the goal is to get an expected result, sometimes working harder does it. I decided to try out manual pinning to see the results I’ll get after one year. My results are positive.

I have also seen bloggers say Pinterest favors Manual pinning more than Tailwind. Other bloggers swear by Tailwind, so you may have to try out both.

I Pin Consistently: I have watched countless videos and read many posts about Pinterest, and they all have one thing in common: Consistency. Most bloggers market scheduling applications like Tailwind and Later because consistency matters.

When I decided to take my blog seriously, I created and scheduled two posts a day for one week, then all over again every other damn week. I was determined to crack the algorithm and see results. I do not consider myself an expert pin maker so I won’t credit these views to beautiful pins.

Everything takes patience and time, but you’ll see results on Pinterest if you apply the right tactics.

I take and use my original pictures: Pinterest has too many recycled images on the network and constantly needs original media and new content. I love using free images from free image banks, but taking your pictures is a sure way to connect the algorithm. I take pictures with my iPhone, and they come out pretty neat.

I Used Canva to create click-worthy pins: Canva is hands down my number 1 favorite blogging tool. Thanks to Canva, I make beautiful pins with different fonts, resize web images, and create my Media kit. All these are with the free version.

I’ll be upgrading to pro because the possibilities are limitless.

Hey Canva, we’re waiting on that cyber-Monday deal.

Pinterest Views
48 hours later, updated: 1.5 million Pinterest views

What I did not do

When I started blogging, I read and made an endless checklist of things to do from different established bloggers. A lot of this information is contradictory. there are many situations where two bloggers apply the same trick, and only 1 gets the results. I knew I had to make mistakes and learn along the way.

These are the things I have not done (yet) to achieve these results.


I still do not have a tailwind account, and I’m still considering if I need one. One of the reasons I might eventually get one is for the Tribes. I have read testimonials about tailwind tribes playing a significant role in driving traffic to blogs. I am yet to try out Tailwind, and I can get such positive results with my pins and content. I’ll probably be trying out Tailwind only for the Tribes features. I hear they’re a gold mine.


I get notifications and ads about creating Pinterest campaigns to boost views and blog growth. We all know ads get more reach because they are paid for, yet having a “sponsored” tag beside my pins didn’t sit right with me. I find comfort in knowing my Pins are doing well because they’re great pins and relevant, not because they got pushed in front of an audience. You get the drift. Despite numerous temptations, I am yet to try out any campaign on Pinterest. I don’t know if I’m going to.

Group boards:

Back in the day, group boards used to be the holy grail of Pinterest marketing and growth, but these days, not so much. I joined 2 group boards when I first started but posted a maximum of 10 pins on these boards before realizing their futility. There’s an increasing rate of negative reviews about Pinterest group boards, and the algorithm works against them. I’m convinced it’s a wrap.

Additional Tip:

Use Rich Pins

Confession: I have not enabled the rich pin option on my Pinterest at the time of writing this post, yet I have read numerous articles where bloggers swear by rich pins. Rich pins sync information from your pins to your website, making it easier to reach your content.

My end-of-year 2022 resolution is to create rich Pins.

Final Thoughts

I put into practice what I read from experts and acted on known and proven tips to get these results.

So, this is your yearly reminder to start pinning. Start; you’ll figure out most of this stuff along the way.

While it’s a no-brainer that creators and experts in this field keep most of their secrets for paid subscriptions, there’s tons of free material. So read, and join newsletters of savvy bloggers.

Are you a new blogger or creator? have you hit the milestones you set? Or have you encountered brick walls you’ll love to talk about? Let’s chat in the comments.



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