How to style Knee-high boots-5 best ways

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Knee-high boots

Hello from this side of France.

The temperatures has gone down a lot lately as the winds have been out of this world. The leaves have turned yellow and sun manages to make a 3 hour appearance each day.

The days are shorter, the clouds are darker, and the rains are almost an everyday affair as Fall is gradually giving way to winter.

In the fashion accessory department, we’ve long put away our sandals and replaced them with boots.

On Instagram, our favorite bloggers and influencers have all switched up their summer outfits for thicker clothing, layering, and boots. All kinds of boots, ankle boots, thigh-high boots, and knee-high boots.

knee high boots

Boots in general are a winter must-have accessory and a wardrobe staple. But let’s narrow it down to knee-high boots.
Knee-high boots are my favorite type of boots for many reasons. I love that they’re so easy to style compared to the thigh-high comrade. I also think they’re the most fashionable type of boots. Knee-high boots are always in style and also the easiest to style. Let’s add the fact they keep our legs warm as a huge bonus.

Knee boots

If you’re looking for ways to style your knee-high boots this winter, I’ve got you.
Whether you’ve opted for the sexy and sophisticated stiletto-heeled knee boots, or the simpler flat-soled version, or the block-heeled conventional option ,here are 5 ways to style knee-high boots.

Knee-high boots style

With a blazer and shorts: This is by far my favorite way to style knee-high boots. You’ll be seeing a lot of this styling in the fall and warmer winter days. I love that this puts a lot of focus on the boots and gives a very chic appearance. This sort of styling also seems to never go out of fashion and is a simple way of achieving a minimal fashionable look.

knee boots outfit

This style also seems to draw focus to the legs. I love adopting this style with a white button-up shirt and black blazer to achieve a minimalist look.

Other ways to style Knee-high boots

With a midi dress: That midi dress that is featured in our summer wardrobe doesn’t have to be put away just because it is the fall season. Transitional pieces like midi dresses make it easy to have a fashionable wardrobe without too many splurges. Pair them over some knee-high boots and a leather jacket or any blazer to get a classy & sophisticated fall/winter outfit.

Over skinny pants: The ultimate winter daytime look and the safest way to style knee boots is the conventional way. Wear them over pants and throw on a jacket. Whether it is jeans or just plain skinny pants, this is probably the safest way to style knee-high boots but it’s a signature winter slay especially if the pants are skinny.

With a sweater dress: Another way to style knee-high boots are with a sweater dress. This might seem a little basic or simple for some, but it’s very a comfortable and warm. This style is adaptable for daytime and also night-time because it can be worn to a professional event, a daytime lunch/brunch as well as to a late-night dinner/movie. Love it when comfort and style make a wonderful combination.

Style with a Trench coat: Our fifth outfit suggestion for knee-high boots is to style them with a trench coat for fall or winter outings. Trench coats are among my recommended wardrobe essentials for every woman. They’re simple yet classy, versatile yet intentional and I haven’t seen anyone look bad in one.
Trench coats and knee-high boots go very well together to achieve a very intentional & sophisticated look. A longer, belted trench coat paired with knee-high boots will achieve the best result.



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