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Clean Beauty

Clean Beauty is mainstream, and it has been for a while.

At what cost would you attain the perfect version of your skin? Or, as TikTokers and millennials love to put it: glass skin? 

The past few years have seen an enormous boom in the beauty industry, with the obsession for perfect skin motivating the creation and introduction of newer brands into an already saturated skincare market.

I started taking skincare seriously a few years ago and wish I had started earlier. What the right products can do for your skin is incredible when you take your skincare routine seriously and apply it consistently. 

But finding the right products can be challenging. TikTok and YouTube shorts are raving with skincare reviews, which makes me even more confused because, for every 20 positive reviews, you’ll find the same amount of negative feedback.

 So, I have long decided to be my guinea pig and test skincare products on myself.

I searched for an oil facial cleanser at Sephora in the same spirit, so naturally, I didn’t hesitate when the beauty counselor suggested I try an oil cleanser from one of the new skincare brands called “Seasonly.” 

A quick google search informed me it is 100% clean and vegan.

I bought the oil cleanser and went my way.

Clean Beauty

What is clean skincare? Clean skincare is free of toxins, chemicals, and other controversial ingredients that can harm our skin. Some even break it down to its sustainability and cruelty-free proponents.

Clean Beauty

With the apparent popularity of social media, there has been an ever-growing public discourse surrounding skincare ingredients and our body’s reactions to certain elements. The criticism of some of these toxic ingredients has also linked them to problems like cancer. 

To cater to this clean skincare movement, we’re seeing more new brands coming up with beauty products free of supposedly dangerous ingredients, such as Drunk Elephant, and Ilia Beauty which took over the beauty space for a while.

Whether or not these companies are simply hopping on the clean beauty trend to make bank or care about purifying skincare is another subject, but one thing is sure: 

Clean beauty is mainstream and has been for some time now.

Seasonly: A Clean Beauty brand

Launched in 2022, Seasonly is a French clean skincare newcomer to the skincare space, but how legit are they?

The brand proudly parades itself as “clean beauty that works.” it also boasts elements of sustainability and cruelty-free. You’ll also find terms like “100% vegan” and “natural products” on the official website. 

Seasonly has a wide range of skincare products, such as moisturizers, oils, serums, masks, and cleansers. This wide range makes it possible to adopt and stick to a skincare routine with exclusively Seasonly products. They also have facial tools and accessories such as Gua Sha and face rollers. 

I have tried a couple of their products and loved them.

Seasonly face glow bar at Sephora

The most exciting concept introduced by Seasonly is the Face Glow bar located at Sephora stores.

They offer targeted treatment and facial massages for the face. These are to reduce lines and wrinkles while enhancing radiance in just 15 minutes. 

My favorite skincare products from Seasonly (tried and tested).

Makeup removing Oil: The makeup removing oil cleanser by Seasonly is the first step in my skincare routine. I apply the oil on my face and gently rub it all over. Add some water, and the oil changes into a milky liquid for better penetration and easy rinse-off. 

Oil cleanser
Oil cleanser by seasonly

This oil cleanser is 99 percent natural and is tender on my skin. 

I particularly love the mix of coco and Calendula because not only does it smell great, but Calendula is also reported to contain anti-inflammatory elements and soothing properties. Calendula is suitable for people with sensitive skin who want to avoid harsh products. 

This oil cleanses and leaves the skin purified without altering the hydrolipidic film on the skin. 

I am currently on my 2nd bottle, and the results are glaring; my skin feels smoother and much more nourished.

Strong Point: The soothing properties and the smell

Low Point: I would’ve preferred a bottle with a pump serve rather than having to tilt the bottle 

Vitamin C Radiance Booster: If you take your skincare routine seriously, you’ll know the numerous benefits of vitamin C. This vitamin C radiance booster from Seasonly comes in a small portable size, which makes it easy to carry around (if you’re a traveler). 

Vitamin C booster
Vitamin C radiance Booster

I apply a few drops of the radiance booster to my regular facial moisturizer cream and apply the mix to my face and neck before I use sunscreen. I love that it leaves a shiny and glowing finish.

Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, is one of our friend’s best friends. It stimulates collagen production while fighting against those free radicals that cause a dull complexion. 

I’m still on my 1st bottle, but I have already started to notice a brighter complexion, and my skin tone looks evened out. 

Strong Point:  Portable size and glow finish.

Low Point: At 34 euros, some people may consider this a bit pricey for the size.

Reusable eye patch:  if you have eye circles or darker under eyes and take skincare seriously, you’ve probably been convinced in the past to buy some eye cream or eye patches. 

Reusable eye patch
Reusable eye patches

Some skincare experts swear they’re a waste of money and simply regular facial creams packaged in smaller bottles for a higher price. Whether or not this is the truth remains disputed, but if you’re into eye creams or patches, hear me out.

How about an orange-colored reusable and recyclable silicon eye patch made to enhance the effectiveness of your eye cream? 

I apply my eye cream, place the reusable patches over the under eye, and leave it on for 15 minutes (to be honest, sometimes i watch a whole episode of Emily in Paris in it). I take off the patches and dab the rest of the products with my finger till they absorb completely into the skin.

I rinse the patches with cool, clean water, dry them off with a clean cloth/ towel, and place them in their case for subsequent use. 

Strong Point: Reusable and aesthetic

Low Point: It’s a bit thick and sometimes doesn’t stay in place.

Blemish control Serum with Niacinamide and bakuchiol: Niacinamide is very important in my skincare routine. I started with the niacinamide from ‘The Ordinary,’ even though I saw results, it sometimes felt harsh on my skin and irritating. When I saw a clean and vegan brand offering a mild version of niacinamide, I didn’t need convincing to try it.

Blemish control serum
Blemish Control Serum

This serum is one of the best serums I have ever tried. I love that it contains three holy grails of skincare:

-Niacinamide, which minimizes pores and improves skin texture, 

-Bakuchiol prevents pigmentation and controls scaring, 

and finally, 

-Lactic acid, which is a mild exfoliant and also helpful for cell renewal.

Strong Point: I love the triple care factor

Low Point:  Some may argue that 30 euros for a small serum bottle is pricey. 

My wish list from Seasonly: 

Like most skincare lovers, I love to try out new products from time to time, so naturally, I have a wish list of Seasonly products I would love to try out simply because they have positive critics and great ingredient combinations

Night repair oil: The last time I tried a facial oil, I broke out and discontinued use. But I will try out the newly released night repair oil by Seasonly.

This night oil contains 14 ingredients beneficial for skin repair and care to reveal radiance. This oil is a 100% natural botanical concentrate and boosts the appearance of the skin. It also promises well-rested, plumped, and brighter skin.

Light-up cream:  I am not a big fan of changing facial creams randomly, especially when the one I’m currently using is a good match for my skin problems. However, I will try this out because most Seasonly products have worked pretty well on my skin.

This cream by Seasonly is enriched in Kombucha extract, which is helpful for a radiant boost. It is also supposed to hydrate the skin and restore the natural radiance.

Radiance peeling mask:

The last skincare product on my Seasonly wish list is the radiance peeling mask that contains three great ingredients. The 1st is Lactic acid, a mild exfoliant and complexion unifier. 

It also contains glycolic acid, known for its significant hydration properties and fading of skin hyperpigmentation. Lastly, this peeling mask contains fruit enzymes from lemon, orange pineapple, and pomegranate; this helps to reveal natural radiance.

Where to find Seasonly Products:

The official website of Seasonly sells all their products and ships all over Europe. Alternatively, you can find the Seasonly products at your nearest Sephorah store. 


Whether or not you think the clean beauty movement is overhyped and legitimate, you’ll agree that skincare that works is worth the splurge, “Clean beauty” or not.

 And if you love to pamper their skin but are skeptical of harmful ingredients used in some regular skincare industry products, then you’ll want to try out Seasonly Skincare. 



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