• Clean Beauty

    SEASONLY: A Clean Beauty Review

    Clean Beauty is mainstream, and it has been for a while. At what cost would you attain the perfect version of your skin? Or, as TikTokers and millennials love to put it: glass skin?  The past few years have seen an enormous boom in the…

  • Best Perfumes for Women

    Best perfumes for women in 2023

    There are thousands of perfumes, but before we round up the best perfumes for women, let’s ask some curious questions. How many perfumes should a woman own? How many is too much? Is there anything as too many perfumes?  I have asked this question and…

  • Spring Beauty Essentials

    10 Spring Beauty Essentials

    Looking to stock up on beauty and self-care products in preparation for the spring season, we’ve got you covered with these 15 spring beauty essentials. This is probably so cliché, but spring is my favorite season for many reasons other than the apparent longer daylight.…

  • Best Red Lipstick

    6 Best Red Lipsticks for that French girl look

    There are few makeup products with the power of instant transformation a red lipstick has. This makeup classic has been around for decades and continues to remain a versatile and timeless staple for every make-up lover. More recently, this rouge à lèvre as the French…