8 Beauty Products I’m currently loving

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Beauty products i'm currently loving

It’s officially the last week of January and it couldn’t have gone by slower. Maybe that’s because winter is in full force .I hate the cold and humidity that comes with winter in the South west of France, and i would look like a beat up tired hag but for make up.

Thank God for make up.

I used to be a makeup skeptic.

 I loved make up on others but never knew how to put them on. This went on until I found the perfect make up and beauty products for my skin type. My skin is dry, very dry.

Make up is priceless to me because of what it does to enhance looks.

Today I’m going to be sharing 8 beauty products i’m currently loving and my make up favorites of the moment. These are the products I use every other day that leave my face looking flawless.

8 Beauty Products i’m currently loving

Mac Cosmetics Trio

8 Beauty products i'm currently loving

1. Mac Cosmetics natural radiance primer

Mac Cosmetics may be most recently popular for their notorious and everybody’s favorite Ruby Woo lipstick, but that’s not why they’re on my list. Their Prep+Prime natural radiance base lumière has been my base cream holy grail for a while.

I use it under my foundation and it leaves my face glowing.It is silky and moisturizes the face without any greasy feeling.

Mac Primer

i have had issues with breakouts after using some products in the past, but with this Primer, I have experienced absolutely no problems.

This is a great product for dry or mixed skin types.

2. Waterproof Foundation by mac cosmetics

I use Mac Cosmetics Nourishing Waterproof Foundation in color Nc50, and i really hope it is not discontinued.

Again, i have a dry skin but this foundation leaves a smooth matte finish that last all day, and because i do not find it oily for my skin, i sometimes dont need to apply powder.

3. Studio fix 24 Hour Concealer by mac Cosmetics

I love trying new products but when a particular product works well on my skin, it has a place in my make up collection.  i almost didn’t buy this product because of the reviews, but i really wanted a Mac Cosmetics concealer to use with the Mac primer and foundation.

i like that is a little bit thicker than the foundation. i use it under the eyes and on the nose bridge for a contour effect and i love the results.

Sephora Duo

Dramatic eyelash by Sephora

4. Dramatic lashes by Sephora

I love that Sephora has affordable substitutes for almost every makeup product and their lashes aren’t any different. So, when I’m feeling too lazy for a lash extension appointment, I’m using Sephora’s “Dramatic” lashes. Forget about the name, they have a natural look and are pretty light.

They cost about $10 and can be used multiple times.

5. Liquid waterproof eyeliner by Sephora

Eyeliner effect

This is the one eyeliner that made my winged eyeliner fantasies a reality. This liquid liner is actually the only eyeliner I own at the moment and it is very easy to apply. I love that it’s waterproof and has an intense black color to it.

NYX duo

NYX Lip cream & Eyeshadow palette

6. Liquid lipstick in shade Rome

I decided to try NYX cosmetics products after seeing them on so many influencers. While I haven’t been lucky with some of their other products, their soft matte Liquid lip cream in color Rome has been my go-to lip color since I tried it on.

It’s a perfect shade between brown and nude and has a matte finish to it. The fact that it cost just 7€ isn’t bad either.

7. NYX Monochromatic color palette

I am not an eye shadow person, i bought this palette for experimental purposes but let me just say it has been a great discovery for me. The colors are minimalist and it says on all day.

Currently watching more tutorials to perfect more looks with it.

8. Laura Mercier Honey Setting powder:

Laura Mercier Loose powder
Laura Mercier Honey Setting powder

Laura Mercier’s translucent setting powder in Honey is the real deal. it is hands down the best setting powder I have ever used.

It is lightweight and matches my skin color.

Honey blends effortlessly on the skin , absorbs all left over shine from the foundation and leaves a smooth matte finish that lasts me the whole day.

Worthy Mention:  Eye brow setter by Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit Eyebrow laminator

I bought this product to tame my eye brows and give me the neat finish thats only achieved by eye brow lamination. its a 10/10 for me. it does what i says it will do: it keeps my eye brows in place, stays on all day and doesn’t feel sticky.

So have you tried any of these beauty products?



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