Le 5 à 7 Saint Laurent Bag Review

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Le 5 à 7 Saint Laurent Bag

Le 5 à 7 Saint Laurent bag is my latest luxury purchase and I’m here to tell you everything about this bag. 

The Saint Laurent Brand

Yves Saint Laurent now rebranded as simply Saint Laurent is one of the most patronized luxury brands in the world and it is also one of my favorites, so naturally a recent summer vacation in Barcelona resulted in a happy purchase of a new Saint Laurent bag.  

 This luxury brand a la francaise has been around since the 1960s but the arrival of Anthony Vacarello, as new creative director in 2016 shifted its design dynamics to a more clean, simple, and sophisticated approach. 

These simple and sleek designs can be seen in recent Saint Laurent models such as “BEA”, “le 5 à 7” and “le 37” models.

Le 5 à 7 Saint Laurent Bag launch

Launched in the spring of 2021, le 5 à 7 hobo bag happens to be one of the most obvious examples of Vacarello’s influence. 

Few bags so simple have been so popular and coveted by millions in the fashion space. It was initially released in the color black but other colors such as beige, white, teal, brown black, and more soon followed suit. 

I prefer the black color because I wanted an everyday bag in a neutral color. 

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Le 5 à 7 Saint Laurent

Le 5 à 7 hobo bag is packaged like any other luxury bag. 

It comes in a black box with Saint Laurent boldly inscribed on it, a black dust bag where our bag sits pretty. 

Inside the bag, you’ll find the receipts authenticity cards, and user notice. 

Design, Substance, and Aesthetics

Le 5 à 7 Saint Laurent shoulder bag

Le 5 à 7 Saint Laurent bag deserves huge points as far as aesthetics go.  

You can easily tell the bag is well crafted with clean-cut lines and a deliberate finish. 

Our bag’s appearance is pretty much simple and classic, yet the fine blend of modern luxury and sleek design makes it elegant and classy. 

The design looks like a mix of a hobo bag and a baguette bag.

It is made of 100% calfskin leather that is smooth to the touch which is a big deal considering some luxury bags do not come in leather.

There is a leather strap closure with the YSL logo as a hook that flips from the back of our bag and hooks into a leather tab in front of the bag in a closed position.

Also, huge aesthetic points for the striking contrast of the gold-toned YSL brand plaque against the smooth black leather exterior when our bag is in a closed position.

It has a single adjustable shoulder strap with 3-point holes for adjusting the length. This strap is quite sturdy and thick, and can’t help but point out the quality oozing out of that detail.

Inside the bag, you find one main compartment with no zip closure and a small zipped pocket suitable as a cardholder. The inside of the bag is lined with suede, and it is quite roomy for the size. 

There’s also a foiled “Saint Laurent” brand printed on the interior.

e 5 à 7 hobo bag

Size and Dimensions

Le 5 à 7 Saint Laurent bag seems like a relatively small bag but it is a good-sized everyday bag. it measures 9 X 6.2 X 2.5 inches and feels pretty spacious.

I can easily fit in my iPhone, pocket mirror, lip balm, keys, car keys, paper towels, and credit cards with some space left. 

Other Variations

Apart from the many colors this bag comes in, it also comes in a crocodile skin leather version and a shiny leather version. There’s also the mini version of le 5 à 7 hobo bag. 

Quality and Craftsmanship

Le 5 à 7 Hobo bag

The quality of this bag cannot be over-emphasized, I already own another Saint Laurent bag and I can say the quality of this le 5 à 7 hobo bag is unmatched. This bag is made in Italy and the leather choice shows quality. 

Our bag is also really sturdy and does not squash. The handle and closure are made of thick leather that will not wrinkle easily. 

We can see that the strap stays in place and isn’t sloppy. 

Functionality and Versatility

Outfit for le 5 à 7 Bag

In the past, I have bought some bags for their aesthetics and not for their versatility, but I consider it a double win if I love a bag that’s also versatile.

A general rule I use to determine a bag’s versatility is if I can carry it bag in at least 3 different ways because this also means it can be styled in many different ways. 

Le 5 à 7 Saint Laurent bag can be carried in 3 ways which makes it the most versatile bag I own.

it can be carried by hand, over the shoulder, and on the crook of the arm, and all of these ways look chick and elegant.

This bag can be dressed up and dressed down so it can easily switch from an elegant daytime accessory to your chic night-out bag.

Price and Value for Money

I have heard a lot of criticism about le 5 à 7 hobo bag and how it’s just an overpriced bag with the YSL logo. I mean the design is pretty basic and the size is also small.

Le 5 à 7 Hobo bag

The value of a bag can be determined by so many factors I like to narrow it down into a few important points.

Brand, material, and craftsmanship.

This is a very controversial topic because different people have different yardsticks and opinions on the subject so I might as well give my 2 cents.

Le 5 à 7 Saint Laurent bag checks all these qualities.

  • It is a bag from one of the most notorious and respected luxury brands to ever exist sometimes we pay for the brand name. This is certainly one of those cases
  • It is also made of 100% real leather, which is expensive.
  • It is a well-crafted bag with fine finishes and sleek lines. 

If the above points do not convince you? Consider the fact that demand and popularity can cause a hike in price. 

Where to buy Le 5 à 7 Saint Laurent Bag

The obvious place to buy any bag is on the brand’s official website or stores.

 I bought mine at the Saint Laurent store in Barcelona after consulting the official Saint Laurent Website.

Otherwise, you can find this bag on the following luxury retail websites

MYTHERESA– I purchased my other Saint Laurent bag from MyTheresa and it can be beautifully packed in a yellow box and some cute notes, I love good packaging so this site is a keeper.

FARFETCH– I purchased my Jacquemus Bambino bag from Farfetch and got an instant discount on my next purchase. 

You can get a discount with my code until February 2024. Otherwise, you’ll probably find some Farfetch discount codes on Instagram if you look.



Le 5 à 7 Bag Outfit


100% leather

Luxury Brand that has stood the test of time


The Smooth calfskin leather is prone to scratching. If you want to avoid this, the crocodile skin version seems like a much more resistant option.

Recent price hikes mean this bag is expensive relative to its size

-Short straps

-The absence of a zip closure seems like a deliberate aesthetic choice but I can’t help but consider it a con simple because I have heard concerns about things slipping out of the bag. I haven’t experienced this myself because I have been careful enough to but the possibility lingers at the back of my head.


There’s a reason this bag is all over Pinterest, Instagram, and your favorite fashion editorials. It is simple yet elegant, it is classy and chic. 

Overall, I think Le 5 à 7 Saint Laurent bag is a good one to invest in.

If you get tired of it you can always trade it and get something else, remember Saint Laurent handbags have a good second-hand value.

If you’re wondering if you should buy this le 5 à hobo bag, I hope my review helped!



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