Yves Saint Laurent Loulou Toy bag review

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Loulou toy bag

Yves Saint Laurent Loulou toy bag is one of the most coveted and sold bags from the Loulou collection.

Being one of the world’s most coveted luxury brands out there and also one of my favorites, the French luxury house has been around since the 1960s and is one of the oldest luxury fashion brands still kicking ass.

The official Yves saint Laurent logo designed by the legendary graphic artist Adolph Mouron Cassandre is, to me, the most beautiful out there, and this is a hill I’m willing to die on. It is very elegant, and it is modern.

YSL loulou toy bag lose up

One of their most popular collections is the Loulou collection, which contains bags in different designs. Made in suede or leather, it also comes in 4 sizes: big, medium, small, and toy size.

These come in different colors and sizes. One of the smaller versions of the Loulou collection is the Loulou toy.

 I love the Loulou bag collection so much, and I finally got one a few years ago.

The Yves Saint Laurent Loulou Toy bag


YSL loulou bag unboxing

My purchase came in a black box case with Yves saint Laurent written on it. Inside the box, you’ll see a black dust bag containing the toy Loulou bag. When you open the bag, you should find a black authenticity card inside.

Substance and Design

YSL loulou toy bag

The toy Loulou bag is made of Calf leather. This leather is soft and very smooth to the touch.

The toy bag is square and has a quilted stitching design on the exterior and the YSL logo on the flap. The logo comes in either gold or silver colors.

The bag has a leather inner lining that makes it easy to clean. Inside the bag, there are two main compartments, one zipped pocket in the middle, and three card slots on the side.

YSL loulou bag

The bag strap is long, sits at 57 cm, and is adjustable and immovable. Note that some Loulou toy bags do not have immovable straps.

The smallest version of Saint Laurent’s Loulou bags, the Toy comes with a fully adjustable leather strap that can also be removed. This is a great feature because it allows the bag to be used as a clutch.

I love crossbody bags, they’re very versatile and easy to style. They can easily switch from a daytime accessory to a nighttime bag. Just like the Jacquemus bag I reviewed, this Loulou toy bag is just as versatile.

Size and Dimension

YSL loulou toy crossbody bag

The Loulou toy strap bag in quilted “y” leather is the smallest version of the Loulou series, and it’s the cutest shoulder bag I have ever owned. With a dimension of 20 X 14 X 7.5cm.

Though it is small, I noticed that compared to other small bags, the Loulou toy bag has space for necessities. I comfortably fit my iPhone 12, a hand mirror, a couple of make-up items, and cash in the two central compartments. It also has room on the side to fit in cards and some loose change.

Price and availability

YSL Loulou toy bag review

I bought this bag for about $1000 dollars back in 2020. For a bag this small in size, that amount might seem pricey but today it costs over $1490 dollars on the same site. That’s the thing about luxury bags from reputable brands that have stood the test of time, they pick up value as they get older. Invest in luxury pieces if you can afford them.

Where to Buy

The obvious place to buy the Loulou bag would be the official Yves Saint Laurent website or stores, but because it was sold out on the official site, I bought mine from Mytheresa. Farfetch and Net-a-Porter also retail luxury fashion items.

2-year update: 2 years later, my Loulou strap bag in matelasse “y’ leather looks as good as new. It has few scratches and wrinkles and remains in the best shape. It is one of my favorite nighttime bags, and I often use it. As you can see in the pictures taken this year(2022), there’s hardly any sign of wear or tear on the bag, even though I bought it in 2020.

High points:

Made in Europe

Made of leather


Value for money

Low point



When buying any luxury bag, please buy from reputable brands that have stood the test of time. Also, remember a luxury item is only as good as its second-hand value.

If you’re thinking of buying this bag in 2023, do not hesitate.



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