Jacquemus Le Grand Bambino review

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Jacquemus- Le Grand bambino review

Le Grand Bambino is my latest Jacquemus obsession and I’m screaming it to high heavens.

The Jacquemus brand took the fashion world by storm in the late 2010s and today it is one of the most dominating luxury brands in street fashion.

Simon Porte’s creations are all over the streets, on Instagram, and on fashion shows. His aesthetic is pleasing to the eye and his designs are very girly and attractive. The 33-year-old French designer knows what a girl wants.

Known for his tiny and colorful bags, Jacquemus also has some bigger-sized bags that are just as fancy and artful as their tiny counterparts.

One of these bigger bags of the Jacquemus 2020 Fall Collection is the “Le Grand Bambino”.

This collection comes in many colors ranging from Black, brown, white, pink, blue, and yellow.

Jacquemus- Grand bambino bag

Made in either leather or swede, the Bambino collection comes in a small and big size. For practical reasons, I bought a bigger size.

 I wanted a moderate-sized, fashionable, and trendy luxury bag in fall color and this bag met all of those requirements so yes, my very first Jacquemus bag is Le grand Bambino in brown color and I couldn’t be happier with my choice.


Size and Dimension

I love the small Jacquemus bags but let’s be honest, they’re mostly for accessorizing and aesthetic purposes. They’re colorful and unique but they’re small, some of the bags are so damn small they give me anxiety and I’m not exaggerating because I’m not alone.

 As a matter of practicality, if my bag doesn’t at least fit my phone and a few credit cards, and maybe some keys it’s a problem.

This bag measures 23.5 cm x 13 cm, this is big compared to the mini version which measures 11cm x 7.5 cm

Brown Grand bambino Jacquemus bag

Shape and form

Le grand bambino is a rectangular bag from Jacquemus with a flap lock that makes it look like an envelope and it has hard sides and sharp corners.

The flap is held in place by an inner magnetic piece

Substance and design

This bag is made of 100% leather. Cow leather to be precise.

It is overall very hard with a smooth polished exterior, and the insides are lined with a softer textured fabric. The 100% leather detail is good considering some luxury brands don’t even guarantee real leather for pricier bags.

The Jacquemus logo is boldly encrusted in gold at the lower right side of the bag au lieu of at the center like most luxury brands.

Le Grand bambino comes with a detachable and adjustable strap. This option is one of the reasons I bought the bag: This Bambino bag is quite versatile. It can easily switch from a daytime accessory to your night-out bag.

Le Grand bambino

 You can carry it as a shoulder bag or opt for the much more trendy and sophisticated option as a crossbody bag. The other carrying options would be detaching the strap and carrying it by the handle, or as a clutch bag against your side.

Grand bambino bag

This bag has just enough inside space for every necessary item I need for a whole day. I can fit in some makeup refreshers, a passport-sized wallet, my car keys, and my iPhone. It also has a card-sized pocket inside to secure bank cards and other important cards.

And finally, it has a pocket at the back.

Grand bambino back pocket

Price and availability

Le Grand Bambino is not considered pricey. Jacquemus is considered an affordable luxury brand. All of their bags cost under 1000€.

Le grand bambino costs about 650€.( updated: price has since changed)

Prices however go up and down depending on demand and the outlet. This bag is currently listed as “out of stock” with the option of joining the waitlist on the official Jacquemus website but can be found at other luxury outlets like Farfetch and Mytheresa.

Jacquemus bambino in brown

So, to summarize, here are the strong and low points of the Bag

Strong Points:


100% Leather


Size compared to other Jacquemus bags

Low Point

The leather is so stiff that the cover flap doesn’t stay open. Shows signs of wrinkling when you try to force it in place (open)

2-year update

I still have this bag 2 years after purchase and I’m here to tell you I love it even more.

The success of the Baminou design caused a stock-up of this model and also inspired new versions of designs that look a lot like the Bambino bag such as the “Bambino long”, “le Bamidou, and “le Bambimou”.

These new additions have not only solidified the notoriety of the Bambino design but also shot up its price by a few bucks. So glad I bought it when it first launched.


Fashion and luxury purchases are at an all-time high and affordable luxury is imposing in the face of high-end luxury brands. While there is huge competition in the affordable luxury section, always remember a fashion item is only as good as its second-hand value.

Simon Porte has gained enough fashion notoriety to ensure his products have longevity and second-hand demand.

Overall, I think Le Grand Bambino is a good bag to invest in.

So, what do think about Le Grand Bambino and the Jacquemus brand in general?

Do you own any Jacquemus bags?

Which one do you plan on purchasing?



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